MENDALO,– Universitas Jambi continues to provide changes and innovations to its students, one of the changes and innovations is in the Univeristas Jambi’s Library. On Wednesday, 30th August 2023, UNJA SMART TV’s reporters had the opportunity to visit Universitas Jambi’s library and accompanied directly by the Head of Universitas Jambi’s library, Doctor Saharudin.

From time to time, library is only identical as a place that is boring, too formal and not very attractive for some students. And Doctor Saharudin realized this. Therefore, efforts that were made to overcome this problem by making and changing reading places at Universitas Jambi’s library to be more attractive, unique and comfortable for students. Besides reading places, he also innovates in terms of using technology in managing libraries, by creating applications that contain lots of electronic books to make it easier for students to find the books they need through gadgets.

This effort had a positive impact, where the visitors of Universitas Jambi’s library have recently increased. Doctor Saharudin said that the average visitor of Universitas Jambi’s library has increased 3 times than before. This is an honor and also a challenge for him because with the visitors increasing must also be in harmony with the convenience of library facilities.

In the future, he will also make access to the books at Universitas Jambi’s library easier by creating a QR Code which contains thousands of electronic books needed by students which are provided in each faculty. It is hoped that Universitas Jambi’s library can become a comfortable home for students, not only in searching for knowledge, but also in unwind them.

Dimas Anugrah Adiyadmo / Fiqih L.A. / HUMAS

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